Join Marlon on Safari in 2025

Join Marlon du Toit on safari in 2025

Through our Tanda Afrika photographic safari experiences, we aim to deliver encounters with nature that are authentic, responsible and ultimately, life changing. Marlon draws from experience gained from almost 20 years in the safari industry, ensuring the needs of each guest is not only met, but surpassed.

Have a look at the various options that remain in 2025 below.

Snow Leopards of the Himalayas

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This epic encounter will take you on a journey like no other – the quest to find and photograph the Ghost of the Himalayas – the Snow Leopard.

We’ve crafted our snow leopard journeys to deliver a lovely combination of wildlife, culture, and history. The LungMār – our camp for the bulk of this experience – has great access to both wilderness and Ladakhi cultural treasures. We’re within a 40-minute drive of three major Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, a few warm and welcoming Ladakhi homesteads, and prime snow leopard landscape. An ideal setting for a snow leopard expedition that combines the very best of what Ladakh has to offer in the company of the very best tracking team.

Most importantly, the LungMār’s veteran team of highly-awarded snow leopard conservationists, trackers, and guides have over two decades of field time and international experience across snow leopard habitats. 

This is an experience that will literally change your life and it is simply something that every person should have at the top of their wish list. I hope that you can join us as we trek the grey Himalayan ghost.

Tour Details
22 January – 2 February 2025
Starts and ends in New Delhi, India
from USD 10 995.00 per person sharing

Highlights include:

  • A chance to see the iconic ghost of the Himalayas – the Snow Leopard
  • We make use of the best camp in the region. This is important as all other camps can be very basic and will lead to a poor experience. Our camp will take care of all your needs, and more
  • Our tracking team that goes out daily in search of the cats, have tracked for Nat Geo & BBC. They are experienced and use only the best spotting and tracking equipment
  • Experience the culture in the city of Leh, a unique experience that will give you insight into customs dating back more than a thousand years
  • Stand a chance of seeing other Himalayas wildlife like wolves, golden eagles, blue sheep and even lynx.

Serengeti Ndutu Safari

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This destination is arguably the most famous safari region in Africa, and for good reason. The Serengeti is what
most people will think of when they think of an actual safari. It has those near-endless grasslands, hungry
predators, an abundance of plains game and so much more.
There’s so much variety to the Serengeti safari experience and it’s the kind of adventure well suited to both
nature lovers and dedicated wildlife photographers.

The safari spans across 2 key areas – The Ngorongoro Crater and also the Ndutu Conservation Area.
You stand a chance of seeing all of the beautiful big cats of Africa on this safari – lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal
and serval.
The safari is timed to coincide with the birthing period of the great migratory herds of wildebeest and this
promises one of nature’s most spectacular encounters.

They estimate that over 400 000 wildebeest calves will
be born within in 3 – 4 week period. This abundance of new life is not only essential to the survival of the great
herds but also provides the predators of the Serengeti with an incredible food resource, albeit for a limited
time period.
This is the perfect opportunity to explore the southern reaches of the famous Serengeti region and will ensure
you have an incredible photographic experience.

Tour Details
10 – 19 February 2025
Starts and ends in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
USD 13 950.00 per single person

Highlights include:

  • Spend time in the company of the Great Migration
  • The Migration is comprised of 2 million animals on average, and you stand a chance of seeing the bulk of this magnificent herd
  • During the months of February and March almost 400 000 baby wildebeest will be born
  • The young wildebeest will draw in predators from far and wide, and we will focus on quality time spent with predators like lion, cheetah, hyena and leopard
  • Ndutu offers incredible diversity, from lakes to forests, and marshes to open grasslands. This diversity means you’ll see and experience an abundance of wildlife, as well as numerous bird species
  • Spend a day in the Ngorongoro Crater, an absolute must-see for every nature lover. The Crater is a marvel and a sight you’ll never forget
  • We stay in an authentic tented camp in Ndutu, where wildlife will come to your doorstep. It’s perfectly located to maximise wildlife encounters of all kinds

Predators of Sabi Sand Experience

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The mere mention of the name – The Sabi Sand – will immediately conjure up visuals of exciting predator encounters – lion, leopard, hyena, wild dog, and even cheetah! This Private Game Reserve offers Africa’s most premier big game encounters, especially with the notorious Big 5. It has built such a reputation through incredible guest experiences, dozens of acclaimed wildlife documentaries and a deep history in the safari industry that dates back to the early 1960’s.

Safaris here are special. Each safari camp on this itinerary – both Mala Mala and Sabi Sabi – are private and allow only guests staying at their properties to enjoy the riches of game viewing on offer. Unless you are staying as a visitor at camp, you can’t access these game-rich safari areas. This means you’ll enjoy twice-daily game drives and have as a maximum, 2 – 3 other game viewers in each sighting join you. It allows for less impact on the animals being viewed and means you get to enjoy the experience to the full.

This is a wildlife photographer’s paradise as you get up close and personal with your favourite wild animals.

Tour Details
28 May – 5 June 2025
1 – 9 December 2025
Starts and ends in Johannesburg, South Africa
from ZAR 305 000 per single person

Highlights include:

  • See and experience the Big 5 up close & personal on this epic safari experience
  • The Sabi Sands is home to the best leopard viewing in all of Africa
  • Regular interactions between predators, the density is high and competition intense
  • We regularly see between 4 & 6 different lion prides across the 9-day safari experience
  • The two camps we use for this safari has history dating back as far as the early 1960’s. Both camps have played an integral role in shaping the safari industry as we know it today
  • The camps offer 5* luxury, incredible cuisine, and the very best service possible

Pumas of Patagonia

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Patagonia stands out as one of our planet’s most visually inspiring landscapes. It’s simply breathtaking. Torres del Paine is where we will based during this experience and the incredible views and natural beauty alone would justify your place on this adventure. But, there’s more.

Torres del Paine is home to a dense population of Pumas. They are also known as mountain lions, or cougars. They are the focus of this experience, although the scenery and landscapes will no doubt also command our attention.

Tour Details
30 June – 9 July 2025
Starts and ends in Santiago, Chilé
USD 15 750.00 per single person

Highlights include:

  • Seeing the Patagonia landscape during winter time, the most breathtaking experience
  • Following and photographing wild pumas on foot, in a manner that’s both safe, responsible, and incredibly rewarding.
  • Full days in the field, maximising the time with the cats
  • Opportunities to photograph the stunning scenery
  • A visit to a large glacier & lake within Torres del Paine
  • Small-group experience which means a dedicated focus on your and your photography from your photographic host
  • A dedicated team of puma trackers to make sure every chance of success is on our side

Polars Bears of Svalbard

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This experience speaks for itself. The quest to see Polar Bears in the wild, in a place as magnificent as Svalbard, this is an experience and opportunity not to miss out on.

There’s only 1 spot left on this expedition so don’t waste any time. The rooms are available on a sharing basis, so this last place will go to any ladies happy to share with another.

Tour Details
30 August – 10 September 2025
Starts and ends Longyearbyen, Norway
USD 14 750.00 per single person

Highlights include:

  • Go on a quest to see & photograph Polar Bears in the wild
  • Spend time in one of our planet’s wildest, most special habitat’s – Svalbard
  • Travel during the month of September and although the pack-ice would have melted, it’s still one of the best times of year to visit in search of incredible wildlife
  • Our boat is an older expedition vessel, giving you the opportunity to feel like an explorer of old as you search for Svalbard’s magnificent wildlife

The Jaguar Experience

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Few words typed out here will fully prepare you for the magnificence of the Pantanal.This region has only recently popped up on the radar and is already growing in popularity and at a rapid pace. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. It’s the best place in the world to see the mighty Jaguar up close, and personal.

In 2023 we spotted an average of 6 Jaguars on a daily basis. We spend good quality time in the field, up to 10 hours each day, which allows us success in not only finding the big cats, but also in observing them on the hunt and other exciting activities.

There’s also more than Jaguars on this experience. Although they are the focus, you’ll see some stunning birds and get to spend time with great animals such as the largest otters and rodents in the world.

Tour Details
2 – 11 October 2025
Starts and ends in Cuiaba, Brazil
USD 16 950.00 per single person

Highlights include:

  • The main goal will be to spend quality time with Jaguars, from morning through to the evening
  • Safaris are done by boats that are large, each guest with their own row, very stable on the water and captained by a skilled driver
  • In 2023 we saw an average of 6 Jaguars each day
  • A small group of only 5 guests means exclusivity and dedicated attention from your host
  • Tour includes the skills of an expert local naturalist
  • To maximise time in the field, we fly in and out of the Pantanal from the city of Cuiaba, ensuring no time is wasted with long dusty drives
  • Brazil is home to incredible birds and many sightings will be enjoyed on this tour
  • Spend time with other wildlife like Giant River Otters, Capybara and more

Mana Pools Safari

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Would you believe that a place exists where you get to view wildlife in a completely new & unique manner, away from the standard safari vehicles that have become to norm in most African safari destinations? In Mana Pools, this dream has come to life, a world where you feel like you are connected to earth and nature like none other can offer. Mana strips away the barriers between people and wildlife and affords you the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife on foot, away from the vehicle, up close & personal.

The on-foot encounters with lions, wild dogs, buffalo, elephants, and more are moments you’ll always remember. There’s just nothing else like this. To watch them from close proximity allows you the opportunity to get to know them intimately. You feel alive and every sense within your body is hard at work – listening, smelling, and feeling all around you. It’s incredible and hard to describe in mere words.

Come and join us in Mana Pools and enjoy an encounter with nature that’ll leave you feeling whole, inspired, and ready to come back for more. There’s nothing else like this in all of Africa!

Tour Details
23 – 31 October 2025
Starts and ends in Harare, Zimbabwe
Costs TBC

Highlights include:

  • Walk with wildlife on foot in a responsible manner and in the company of highly skilled experts
  • Encounters on foot with animals such as lion, elephant, buffalo, wild dog and more
  • Incredible photographic opportunities, on foot. It allows you to move freely to get the best angle for your photo, and your Tanda host and guide will always ensure you are in the best position
  • Stand a chance to see an elephant stand up on its hind legs as it reaches for food in the large trees
  • Two authentic safari camps will be your home during this stay. One is on the banks of the Zambezi River, and the other further inland and placed on an active waterhole
  • This safari is a look back to the safari days of old, an authentic experience unlike any other

South Luangwa & Lower Zambezi, Zambia

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South Luangwa is one of those destinations that some have heard of, and even fewer have actually been to, yet everyone should get to at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of Africa’s last true wilderness destinations that not only offer you as a visitor the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be in the middle of nowhere but also gives you the chance to enjoy incredible safari experiences with some of the most sought after animals on the African continent.

Lower Zambezi National Park is an absolute gem! It’s very similar in scenery to Mana Pools, just across the river on the Zimbabwe side of the mighty Zambezi. Lower Zambezi separates itself from Mana by having an incredible predator population, especially leopards. It’s incredibly scenic and photogenic – from the towering Albida forests to the open banks and endless vistas of the Zambezi River. There’s so much to see and experience here and it forms a fantastic partner to the South Luangwa safari.

If you love wild & remote experiences, if you love authentic safari camps, if you love parks steeped in history, and if you love incredible wildlife & photographic encounters with lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, and more, then this is the perfect safari experience for you.

Tour Details
18 – 26 September 2025
Starts and ends in Lusaka, Zambia
USD 17 600.00 per single person

Highlights include:

  • Two of Africa’s wildest national parks form a part of this exciting safari experience
  • South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi are incredibly scenic and will showcase nature’s majesty on a  daily basis
  • South Luangwa is home to the densest leopard, crocodile and hippo populations in all of Africa
  • The Luangwa River during the dry season will draw in all the animals as it is the only remaining source of water. The game viewing is epic and intense
  • Lower Zambezi has the Zambezi escarpment to the North, and the mighty Zambezi River to the South. It’s placed perfectly for a fantastic safari experience
  • The large Ana Trees in Lower Zambezi create magic for photography, dappled light often highlights your subject and the predators love spending time within these large woodlands
  • Both of these national parks are home to some of the best wild dog viewing on the continent
  • Predators are abundant on this experience, you’ll never forget your time in Zambia

Wild Botswana in Summer

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Botswana as a safari destination needs little to no introduction. It offers one of Africa’s premiere safari encounters for a good reason, often referred to as the Jewel of Africa. This exciting experience will showcase two of Botswana best safari regions – The Okavango Delta and Khwai Private Reserve, to you during the early summer period. Why over that time, you might ask? Well because it’s one of the best periods to experience Botswana.

Early summer brings the change of the season, leaving the dry period behind in exchange for summer clouds and the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. We could very well find ourselves in a blanket of green grass, large trees showing their new leaves and flowers, and the all-around excitement in the air as the spell from the intensely dry season gets broken. It’s a fantastic time of year to be on safari in Botswana, both as a nature lover and as a wildlife photographer.

On this tour, you will visit 3 unique safari camps. Although the bulk of our time will be spent in the Okavango Delta, we will see the best that Khwai Private Reserve has to offer, including a unique stay at Hyena Pan camp, situated on a waterhole that attracts a wealth of wildlife on a daily basis. We also spend an afternoon at a photographic hide that’s sunken into the earth, affording you an eye-level view of the subjects around you.

Only 4 guests in total will be on this safari. It’s the perfect way within which to see and experience Botswana, away from the crowds and in the company of like-minded individuals. If you’ve always wanted to see Botswana, or if this is a repeat experience for you, don’t miss this opportunity to join us for a very special safari experience.

The Jewel of Africa is waiting for you.

Tour Details
8 – 17 November 2024
Starts and ends in Maun, Botswana
USD 16 250.00 per single person
1 spots remaining

Highlights include:

  • Explore one of Africa’s natural wonders – the Okavango Delta – an oasis within the Kalahari Desert
  • The region teems with wildlife and is a haven for large predators like lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog
  • An incredible array of birds will be a frequent sighting on safari outings
  • Early summer in Botswana means beautiful colours, summer visiting bird species and lots of baby animals, especially impala
  • Stunning cloud build ups make for fantastic backdrops
  • Stay at 3 luxury authentic safari camps during your safari
  • Enjoy an afternoon at an underground hide, often visited by large elephants

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