Photo safari

Pumas of Patagonia



Group size

5 Guests


Torres Del Paine, Chile

Safari date

8 July – 17 July 2024 FULLY BOOKED (Marlon du Toit)
30 June - 9 July 2025 (Marlon du Toit)

Pumas of

For many years the region lured adventure travellers from all around the world, attracted by the natural beauty on offer & the exceptional hiking opportunities. The discovery of habituated pumas changed this and Torres Del Paine has now become the home of the puma. Not only do you get to visit one of the most scenic regions on our planet but you’ll be exposed to some of the most exciting photography too.

More now than ever before, I am drawn to regions of wilderness, pure wilderness. I am drawn to destinations that offer more than only incredible photographic opportunities. I am after life-changing encounters with nature, time spent in the wild that leave you with a deeper connection to our stunning planet, with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the role we play.

To me, the wilds of Patagonia, at the bottom of the earth, give you exactly this and more. It’s will give you an exciting adventure, and experience unlike any other. The fore focus of this tour, is to see and photograph the puma. It’s a cat that’s seldom seen throughout most of its range due to various factors, but here in the lower reaches of South America the Andean Mountain Lion can be seen on a regular basis. Pumas in the region have grown accustomed to humans on foot & therefore allow you remarkably close. Incredible photographic opportunities and on-foot encounters await. Imagine walking with pumas as they explore their territory, hunt, play with their cubs and more. It’s an experience unlike any other and all the while, you will find yourself within one of our planets most strikingly beautiful locations.

This exciting adventure will also take you to some of the most incredible landscapes and glaciers in the region. You’ve travelled so far it would be a shame to not see the lakes & glaciers surrounding the puma’s home. Quality time will be set aside to explore the natural beauty of Torres del Paine, with early morning landscape photography sessions on our agenda. We will explore several iconic spots during our time here. This is no ordinary travel experience. It takes you to a place that can experience 4 seasons in one day, a place wild and wonderful and largely untouched, a place that is home to one of the big cats of the world. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

This is a trip not to be missed. We at Tanda Afrika would love to have you along for the adventure of a lifetime!



You'll arrive in Santiago. You'll be met by a representative and taken to your hotel. Here you will meet with the rest of the group to connect and to discuss the exciting experience lying ahead of you. Please note that this accommodation is included.


Transfer to Torres del Paine National Park

After having breakfast at the hotel, we will head to the airport again and board our flight to Puerto Natales, our gateway to Patagonia. Please note that the cost of this flight is not included in the package.

Upon arrival, we start our journey by road to Torres del Paine National Park, where our first focus will be the incredible landscapes. By noon we will reach our hotel located only 30 minutes from Torres del Paine. During the winter most hotels close but a select few remain open. We've chosen a great hotel for this experience.

This first afternoon will be dedicated to landscapes, a daily sight on this tour that will leave you in awe of the beauty of this national park.


Full day of landscape photography

In winter the sun will only rise around 10 am each morning. The sun remains low to the horizon and landscape photography cannot get much better than this.

We have some incredibly scenic spots we would love to show you, images that will stand out as some of the very best you've ever taken. We will not return to the lodge on this day as there's so much to do and see in the field.

After a full day out we will return to our lodge for dinner and some exciting image processing.


Full days of puma photography

We have a total of five full days to photograph Pumas, Guanacos, birds of prey, amazing scenery, and much more. It’s the ideal time for photographers looking for the perfect shot of this magnificent big cat. 

Pumas tend to focus on hunting from before sunrise until the early hours of the morning. Then they will come back at sunset until after dusk. We will explore the puma hunting grounds located in a private Estancia or region. The area comprised by the northern coast of Sarmiento Lake, Laguna Amarga and Laguna Azul is well known for holding one of the largest concentrations of pumas in the wild.

While we travel around looking for pumas there will be plenty of opportunities to photograph Guanacos, other mammals, birds, and of course the astounding scenery of Torres del Paine.

DAY 4-8


This will be our final day in Patagonia. After a hearty breakfast, we will transfer back to the airport in Puerto Natales. This brings about the end of our experience together.

Board your flight to Santiago and start your journey back home.


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