About Bespoke Travel

True luxury travel isn’t about ostentation or extravagance. It’s about discovering the world in a deeply personal and transformative way. The essence of luxury lies not in having things, but in having experiences.– George Morgan-Grenville

Africa is in our blood…

To us it is so much more than a place, it’s a state of being.

little black book

Over decades we’ve curated our own ‘little black book’ of people, places and experiences. We know the ultimate safari destinations, as well as the pioneers of first class hospitality, and we make it our business to seamlessly align your unique desires and tastes with a perfectly personalised journey. 

Our approach is simple…

Consultation: A one-on-one session with one of our specialist experiential travel designers to understand your unique needs and desires.

Customisation: We curate your bespoke journey, employing a unique approach that takes into account every aspect of your personality and expectations. Every detail counts.

Continuity: We are your trusted guides from the first contact all the way through, until you return home. We ensure a seamless, effortless experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Avoid the mundane

Avoid the mundane trap of the commonplace, or settle for a one-size-fits-all luxury experience. Instead, choose a path that caters to your thirst for exclusivity, authenticity, and deep-rooted connection. The reward is an investment in your personal evolution, gifting you with enduring memories and riveting stories that will live forever. Your safari with Tanda Afrika isn’t merely a vacation; it’s a pinnacle journey that brings you closer to the things that really matter.

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