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Mana Pools Safari



Group size

6 Guests


Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Safari date

18 Oct – 26 Oct 2024 FULLY BOOKED (Marlon du Toit)
23 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 (Marlon du Toit)


Would you believe that a place exists where you get to view wildlife in a completely new & unique manner, away from the standard safari vehicles that have become to norm in most African safari destinations? In Mana Pools, this dream has come to life, a world where you feel like you are connected to earth and nature like none other can offer. Mana strips away the barriers between people and wildlife and affords you the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife on foot, away from the vehicle, up close & personal.

Imagine sitting at the feet of a giant elephant as he feeds on a large Ana Tree, or photographing wild dogs on the move whilst lying flat down on your belly. It does not get any better than this. Because it’s always been the norm to approach wildlife on foot in Mana Pools, the resident animals have habituated to this experience and therefore tolerate the presence of humans much like they would that, of a game viewer.

The last 2 days in Mana will be spent further inland from the river, at Kanga Pan. This is an experience you simply never will forget. Kanga is unlike any other camp in Africa. The last remaining water in the region draws all wildlife right to your doorstep. The waterhole is so abundant with life & activity throughout the day, that there’s almost no need to venture out on game drive. Kanga is best explored with a drink in hand on the deck of the camp, allowing the wildlife and experiences to come to you.

This safari will showcase Mana Pools to you across 8 days. We are extremely familiar with the region and you’ll be in the very best hands from beginning to end. The forest is one of the most beautiful African landscapes you’ll ever encounter. It changes mood & colour by the hour, starting out rich and blue, before turning into a golden canvas after sunrise. You can photograph here well into the morning as the light holds its special colors through most of the day. An enchanted forest, some would say. It’s magnificent.

The on-foot encounters with lions, wild dogs, buffalo, elephants, and more are moments you’ll always remember. There’s just nothing else like this. To watch them from close proximity allows you the opportunity to get to know them intimately. You feel alive and every sense within your body is hard at work – listening, smelling, and feeling all around you. It’s incredible and hard to describe in mere words.

Come and join us in Mana Pools and enjoy an encounter with nature that’ll leave you feeling whole, inspired, and ready to come back for more. There’s nothing else like this in all of Africa!


Arrival day, from Harare to Mana Pools

The safari kicks off from Harare, Zimbabwe. Please connect with us to arrange any travel/accommodation prior to this point.

A morning flight to Mana Pools will end at Zambezi Expeditions Camp. The flight time is around 1hr 30 minutes. Once on the ground, we will be transferred by road to our camp for the next 5 nights. The drive to camp is approximately 40 minutes and will be through game-rich areas where you'll get your first taste of Mana before you even arrive at the camp itself.


Mana Pools

These will be special full days on safari in Mana Pools, on the incredibly scenic floodplain. Mornings will begin early as we gather for coffee before the first light. You'll likely be awake long before the camp calls you due to all of the hippos honking in the Zambezi River, only a few meters away from your spacious tent. Each day will consist of two safari outings with a keen focus on first and last light. There's much to see in between and time will be well spent, but Mana truly shows off during sunrise and sunset, unlike any other park in Africa.

In Mana Pools, many of the wildlife encounters can be enjoyed on foot. Since the park's inception, animals have grown used to seeing people walking on foot. It's what makes this national park so special. Through expert, responsible guiding we will get you closer to wildlife than what you've ever been. There's a chance of sitting next to and walking with elephants, lions, wild dogs and even buffalo herds. It's something you will never forget and cherish for a lifetime. It's the kind of place and experience you'll wish to return to, before you've even left.

DAY 2-6

Travel day to Kanga Camp

On this day we will leave camp with our bags packed. We will head out for a full morning safari and after our leg stretch and coffee stop, will meet up with our bags as well as a vehicle that will transport us to our new camp - Kanga.

The drive to Kanga will showcase more of Mana's interior to you, give you a glimpse of what you've been missing as well as what you'll get to see over the next 2 days. Upon arrival at camp you'll settle in, have lunch and also enjoy the most amazing experience. The camp is built on Kanga Pan, one of the last remaining waterholes in the region. You'll likely be greeted by elephants drinking from below the lunch deck, an incredible sight and moment to remember.


Kanga Camp, Mana Pools

Enjoy one full day of safari at Kanga Camp, Mana Pools.

The best way to experience Kanga Camp & it's waterhole is to wait for wildlife to come for a drink. It's one of the last remaining waterholes in the region and it's very active during Sept & Oct each year. Animals are always around and range from elephants, buffalo, impala, kudu, baboons, zebra and a wealth of birdlife. There's always something to see and photograph at the Pan. What's so great about it. is that you truly get a birds-eye view of what it would be like to spend a day at an African waterhole, to see the ebb & flow of wildlife coming & going.

The camp is best experienced from the comfortable lodge deck, drink in hand and camera by your side. It's not uncommon for predators to arrive for a drink during the early evening or during dinner.


Departure Day - back to Harare

We'll leave camp packed & ready to depart. After a morning safari activity, we'll arrive at the airstrip & depart for Harare, signaling the end of the safari experience.


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