Photo safari

The Jaguar Experience



Group size

5 Guests


Northern Pantanal, Brazil

Safari date

21 Aug – 30 Aug 2024 (Marlon Du Toit)
2 Oct - 11 Oct 2025 (Marlon Du Toit)


Few words typed out here will fully prepare you for the magnificence of the Pantanal.This region has only recently popped up on the radar and is already growing in popularity and at a rapid pace. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. It’s the best place in the world to see the mighty Jaguar up close, and personal.

You’ll stand a great chance of seeing them on the move, hunting, swimming, interacting and more. The days are long, often beyond 10 hours of safari activity as you search for Jaguars and spend time photographing them in pristine habitats. It’s an experience you’ll simply never forget.What makes this particular adventure so popular and sought after, is that it’s designed to give you a glimpse of more than Jaguars. The Pantanal is home to a massive array of birdlife and some are so beautiful that you simply can’t help but take hundreds of photographs of them. On the river, we also get up close and personal to the Giant Otter, the largest of its kind in the world. They share the rivers with the Jaguars and hunt just about anything they can overpower.

We will remain focused on the best possible Jaguar experience for you, and add to that the exclusivity of only 5 guests in total, you have a recipe in the making here that’ll deliver incredible results.



Arrive into Cuiaba off your international flights, from Sao Paulo. At the arrivals hall, you’ll be met by a friendly representative and transferred to your hotel in Cuiaba. You’ll meet the rest of the group here including the trip leaders and hosts.


Porto Jofré

We will enjoy an early morning breakfast and then a road transfer to the airport. We will board a charter flight to Porto Jofre, one of the most impressive & scenic flights in the North Pantanal. The airstrip is right at the lodge itself, so it's only a matter of getting off the plane and walking into the lodge area. We will check in and then be shown to our rooms.

Here we start our first full day on our jaguar experience on the river after lunch. There will be some time to settle in and enjoy lunch before grabbing camera gear to head out on the first-afternoon outing in search of the big cats.

We will return to the camp just after sunset and enjoy a good meal together along with some drinks and conversations.


Porto Jofré

We’ll have 7 full days of photography on the river. Days will start early. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack well before sunrise, and get out onto the river at the first sign of light. We then start exploring the Cuiaba River and its tributaries in search of the mighty Jaguar. Although the Jaguar will be our core focus, this is not the only exciting animal we’ll get to spend time with.
Giant River Otters move up and down the river as they fiercely protect their territories from other family groups. They are often on the hunt and with some patience, you’ll see them catch a multitude of aquatic prey, from fish to fresh-water eels. It’s an entertaining experience and these otters will be some of the stars of the show. They are large and very photogenic.

Capybara and Caiman are also plentiful and often seen. Many birds frequent the river too. The waterbird photography here is as good as it gets and you can get up close to many of them in action as they hunt for prey. Herons, egrets, kingfishers, storks, hawks and much more frequent the rivers. There’s also a great chance of seeing some primates, most commonly the howler monkeys high up in the forest canopy.

The key focus however will remain the Jaguars. With our experienced team we'll direct all our efforts into producing the best quality Jaguar encounters possible.

DAY 3-9


After an early morning excursion, we'll enjoy breakfast and then we’ll depart by air for Cuiaba. We’ll be at the airport in time for the flights to Sao Paulo and then onwards home. Should you need to overnight in Cuiaba or Sao Paulo, please arrange accordingly with us.

DAY 10

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