ultimate destination for wildlife photographers

Tanda Afrika is the ultimate destination for wildlife photographers seeking an unparalleled safari experience. Inspired by the words of legendary photographer Ansel Adams, we understand that photography is about capturing the essence of what you feel in the depths of your soul. Our specialist photographic trips cater to your insatiable desire to document the planet’s wildest creatures in their natural habitats while contributing to their conservation. We offer more than just a safari; we provide an exclusive, immersive journey guided by experts deeply rooted in the world of wildlife photography.


The challenge for wildlife photographers lies in finding a partner who can offer a tailor-made experience guided by seasoned professionals. Tanda Afrika is not just a guide; we are fellow photographers who have honed our skills over a lifetime in Africa. With accolades from National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Africa Geographic, Sony World Photography Award, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and appearances on the Jimmy Fallon Show, our authority in the field is undeniable. We are committed to ‘All for Nature. All for You,’ and our founder, Marlon du Toit, a conservationist, photographer, and filmmaker, embodies this ethos. 

your journey becomes a masterpiece

Choosing Tanda Afrika is choosing to elevate your photography skills and capture images that transcend the ordinary. We offer more than just picturesque moments; we provide life-changing connections with the wild. Our love for photography is rooted in a profound love for nature, a commitment to conservation, and a dedication to enhancing your photographic expertise. From capturing the intense drama of a predator’s hunt to witnessing the quiet majesty of the natural world, our tripscater to your desires. With us, your journey becomes a masterpiece in the making, where each photograph tells a story of the untamed beauty of our planet. Come and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Tanda Afrika, where the art of photography meets the soul of the wild.

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