Join Marlon on Safari in 2024

Join Marlon du Toit on safari in 2024

There’s only a handful of spots left on Marlon’s 2024 safari calendar and this is an opportunity to review these excursions, to find out what they are all about.

Through our Tanda Afrika photographic safari experiences, we aim to deliver encounters with nature that are authentic, responsible and ultimately, life changing. Marlon draws from experience gained from almost 20 years in the safari industry, ensuring the needs of each guest is not only met, but surpassed.

Have a look at the various options that remain in 2024 below.

Pumas of Patagonia

Patagonia stands out as one of our planet’s most visually inspiring landscapes. It’s simply breathtaking. Torres del Paine is where we will based during this experience and the incredible views and natural beauty alone would justify your place on this adventure. But, there’s more.

Torres del Paine is home to a dense population of Pumas. They are also known as mountain lions, or cougars. They are the focus of this experience, although the scenery and landscapes will no doubt also command our attention.

Tour Details
8 – 17 July
Starts and ends in Santiago, Chilé
USD 14 950.00 per single person
1 spot remaining

Highlights include:

  • Seeing the Patagonia landscape during winter time, the most breathtaking experience
  • Following and photographing wild pumas on foot, in a manner that’s both safe, responsible, and incredibly rewarding.
  • Full days in the field, maximising the time with the cats
  • Opportunities to photograph the stunning scenery
  • A visit to a large glacier & lake within Torres del Paine
  • Small-group experience which means a dedicated focus on your and your photography from your photographic host
  • A dedicated team of puma trackers to make sure every chance of success is on our side
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The Jaguar Experience

Few words typed out here will fully prepare you for the magnificence of the Pantanal.This region has only recently popped up on the radar and is already growing in popularity and at a rapid pace. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. It’s the best place in the world to see the mighty Jaguar up close, and personal.

In 2023 we spotted an average of 6 Jaguars on a daily basis. We spend good quality time in the field, up to 10 hours each day, which allows us success in not only finding the big cats, but also in observing them on the hunt and other exciting activities.

There’s also more than Jaguars on this experience. Although they are the focus, you’ll see some stunning birds and get to spend time with great animals such as the largest otters and rodents in the world.

Tour Details
21 – 30 August 2024
Starts and ends in Cuiaba, Brazil
USD 13 950.00 per single person
2 spots remaining

Highlights include:

  • The main goal will be to spend quality time with Jaguars, from morning through to the evening
  • Safaris are done by boats that are large, each guest with their own row, very stable on the water and captained by a skilled driver
  • In 2023 we saw an average of 6 Jaguars each day
  • A small group of only 5 guests means exclusivity and dedicated attention from your host
  • Tour includes the skills of an expert local naturalist
  • To maximise time in the field, we fly in and out of the Pantanal from the city of Cuiaba, ensuring no time is wasted with long dusty drives
  • Brazil is home to incredible birds and many sightings will be enjoyed on this tour
  • Spend time with other wildlife like Giant River Otters, Capybara and more
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Mana Pools Safari

Would you believe that a place exists where you get to view wildlife in a completely new & unique manner, away from the standard safari vehicles that have become to norm in most African safari destinations? In Mana Pools, this dream has come to life, a world where you feel like you are connected to earth and nature like none other can offer. Mana strips away the barriers between people and wildlife and affords you the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife on foot, away from the vehicle, up close & personal.

The on-foot encounters with lions, wild dogs, buffalo, elephants, and more are moments you’ll always remember. There’s just nothing else like this. To watch them from close proximity allows you the opportunity to get to know them intimately. You feel alive and every sense within your body is hard at work – listening, smelling, and feeling all around you. It’s incredible and hard to describe in mere words.

Come and join us in Mana Pools and enjoy an encounter with nature that’ll leave you feeling whole, inspired, and ready to come back for more. There’s nothing else like this in all of Africa!

Tour Details
18 – 26 October 2024
Starts and ends in Harare, Zimbabwe
USD 13 600.00 per single person
2 spots remaining

Highlights include:

  • Walk with wildlife on foot in a responsible manner and in the company of highly skilled experts
  • Encounters on foot with animals such as lion, elephant, buffalo, wild dog and more
  • Incredible photographic opportunities, on foot. It allows you to move freely to get the best angle for your photo, and your Tanda host and guide will always ensure you are in the best position
  • Stand a chance to see an elephant stand up on its hind legs as it reaches for food in the large trees
  • Two authentic safari camps will be your home during this stay. One is on the banks of the Zambezi River, and the other further inland and placed on an active waterhole
  • This safari is a look back to the safari days of old, an authentic experience unlike any other
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Mana Pools Safari

Botswana as a safari destination needs little to no introduction. It offers one of Africa’s premiere safari encounters for a good reason, often referred to as the Jewel of Africa. This exciting experience will showcase two of Botswana best safari regions – The Okavango Delta and Khwai Private Reserve, to you during the early summer period. Why over that time, you might ask? Well because it’s one of the best periods to experience Botswana.

Early summer brings the change of the season, leaving the dry period behind in exchange for summer clouds and the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. We could very well find ourselves in a blanket of green grass, large trees showing their new leaves and flowers, and the all-around excitement in the air as the spell from the intensely dry season gets broken. It’s a fantastic time of year to be on safari in Botswana, both as a nature lover and as a wildlife photographer.

On this tour, you will visit 3 unique safari camps. Although the bulk of our time will be spent in the Okavango Delta, we will see the best that Khwai Private Reserve has to offer, including a unique stay at Hyena Pan camp, situated on a waterhole that attracts a wealth of wildlife on a daily basis. We also spend an afternoon at a photographic hide that’s sunken into the earth, affording you an eye-level view of the subjects around you.

Only 4 guests in total will be on this safari. It’s the perfect way within which to see and experience Botswana, away from the crowds and in the company of like-minded individuals. If you’ve always wanted to see Botswana, or if this is a repeat experience for you, don’t miss this opportunity to join us for a very special safari experience.

The Jewel of Africa is waiting for you.

Tour Details
8 – 17 November 2024
Starts and ends in Johannesburg, South Africa
USD 16 250.00 per single person
1 spots remaining

Highlights include:

  • Explore one of Africa’s natural wonders – the Okavango Delta – an oasis within the Kalahari Desert
  • The region teems with wildlife and is a haven for large predators like lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog
  • An incredible array of birds will be a frequent sighting on safari outings
  • Early summer in Botswana means beautiful colours, summer visiting bird species and lots of baby animals, especially impala
  • Stunning cloud build ups make for fantastic backdrops
  • Stay at 3 luxury authentic safari camps during your safari
  • Enjoy an afternoon at an underground hide, often visited by large elephants
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