Photo safari

Serengeti Ndutu Safari



Group size

6 Guests


Southern Serengeti, Tanzania

Safari date

10 - 19 Feb 2025 (Marlon Du Toit)

Serengeti Ndutu

This destination is arguably the most famous safari region in Africa, and for good reason. The Serengeti is what
most people will think of when they think of an actual safari. It has those near-endless grasslands, hungry
predators, an abundance of plains game and so much more.
There’s so much variety to the Serengeti safari experience and it’s the kind of adventure well suited to both
nature lovers and dedicated wildlife photographers.

The safari spans across 2 key areas – The Ngorongoro Crater and also the Ndutu Conservation Area.
You stand a chance of seeing all of the beautiful big cats of Africa on this safari – lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal
and serval.
The safari is timed to coincide with the birthing period of the great migratory herds of wildebeest and this
promises one of nature’s most spectacular encounters.

They estimate that over 400 000 wildebeest calves will
be born within in 3 – 4 week period. This abundance of new life is not only essential to the survival of the great
herds but also provides the predators of the Serengeti with an incredible food resource, albeit for a limited
time period.
This is the perfect opportunity to explore the southern reaches of the famous Serengeti region and will ensure
you have an incredible photographic experience.



Arrive into Kilimanjaro International Airport off your international flight, and overnight in Arusha.


Ngorongoro Crater

After an early start with breakfast, we’ll depart by road for the Ngorongoro Crater.


Ndutu Serengeti

Drive towards Ndutu, half a day of safari activities in Ndutu, Serengeti.


Ndutu Serengeti

Enjoy 6 full days of safari at Ndutu.

DAY 4-9


After a morning safari activity, board a flight back to Kilimanjaro.

DAY 10

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