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Our roots as professional photographers run deep into Africa, South America & Asia, where we have sharpened our skills over a lifetime. These continents are our domain, and we know their rhythms, their secrets, and the places where nature’s most profound scenes unfold.

Our credo is ‘All for Nature. All for You’. We fully embrace our responsibility to nature and to you, and you can trust us implicitly.


Marlon is passionate about what he does and in possession of an unquenchable thirst to explore our natural world. Marlon’s been working within the travel and tourism industry for nearly 20 years.

For all these years, he has always had a camera in hand, ever-ready to capture the beautiful moments around him.


Nick Kleer is not just a wildlife guide, but a passionate advocate for nature, a skilled photographer, and a devoted conservationist.

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, Nick’s lifelong love affair with wildlife began in his childhood, forging a deep connection to the natural world that has defined his life’s journey.

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