We deeply understand Africa’s profound impact on our guests’ lives. We don’t follow directories or create itineraries; instead, we craft life-changing experiences. Our expertise lies in connecting you with perfect destinations and encounters that align with your aspirations. We will be your guide every step of the way in including experiences which speak to you. 

Big 5 Safaris
Experience the thrill of the African wilderness with our Big 5 safaris. Witness lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinoceros in their natural habitats. Our seasoned guides ensure you get up close to these majestic creatures while staying in luxurious lodges and camps. It’s the safari of a lifetime for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.
Family Friendly Safaris
Create lasting memories with your loved ones on our family-friendly safaris. Our itineraries cater to all ages, with exciting activities and accommodations that ensure everyone is comfortable and entertained. From guided bush walks to cultural interactions, we make family adventures in Africa safe, educational, and unforgettable.
Gorilla & Chimp Trekking
Embark on an adventure to encounter gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates in their natural habitat. Trek through lush forests, coming face to face with these remarkable primates, all while staying in luxurious accommodations
Photographic Safaris
Capture the magic of Africa through your lens on our photographic safaris. Join one of our privately guided photographic trips with Marlon or Nick, or we can curate a bespoke photographic trip for you. Designed for photographers of all levels, these safaris provide expert guidance and exclusive opportunities to photograph wildlife and landscapes.
Honeymoon & Romantic Safaris
Ignite your passion amidst Africa’s wild beauty. Our honeymoon and romantic safaris create enchanting moments in secluded lodges, private dinners under the stars, and intimate encounters with nature. Whether it’s a sunset game drive or a tranquil beachfront escape in the Indian Ocean Islands, our expertly curated experiences are designed to celebrate love in the heart of Africa.
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Bush & Beach
Experience the best of both worlds with our bush and beach safaris. Start your journey in the heart of the wilderness, then unwind on pristine beaches in the Indian Ocean Islands. It’s the perfect fusion of adventure and relaxation.
Malaria-Free Safaris
Explore Africa without malaria worries. Our malaria-free safaris take you to regions where this tropical disease is not a concern. Discover abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes, and cultural richness while enjoying peace of mind during your safari adventure.
Conservation Safari
Our conservation safari’s provide you with the opportunity to join the experts in the field, a chance to assist the conservationists who have been performing award-winning wildlife conservation work on the frontlines for decades. These experiences are unique in that it includes everything that an African safari offers, but is also a truly meaningful and valuable experience.
Executive Retreats
Elevate your corporate retreats with our tailor-made group experiences in Africa, South America & Asia. Strengthen team bonds amidst the world’s wild beauty, combining productive meetings with memorable adventures. We offer the perfect blend of business and leisure in unique settings.
Private Guided Safaris
Customize your safari with a private guide who tailors each day to your interests. Experience wildlife, landscapes, and culture at your own pace, gaining in-depth insights into Africa’s wonders.
Helicopters & Hot Air Ballooning
Soar to new heights with our helicopter and hot air balloon safaris. Witness Africa’s grandeur from the sky, capturing breathtaking views of landscapes and wildlife. These aerial adventures add a thrilling dimension to your safari experience.
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Sole-Use Private Villa Safaris
Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our sole-use private villa safaris. Experience Africa at your own pace in exclusive lodgings, complete with a dedicated staff. Whether it’s a secluded beachfront villa or a game reserve hideaway, we offer privacy and opulence for a personalized African journey.
As a YPO member owned company, we have intimate knowledge of creating only-in-YPO type experiences for members who travel to Africa. From Forum and Chapter Retreats, to our own YPO Photoversity adventures, and assisting members travelling on personal trips, we create inspiring programmes and unforgettable itineraries for all members.
Charter Travel (17)
Private Jet Travel
Elevate your safari experience with the epitome of luxury and convenience: private jet travel. At Tanda Afrika, we offer the discerning traveler the opportunity to soar above the clouds in opulent style, seamlessly connecting you to the world’s most exotic destinations.
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Horseback Safaris
Gallop through the savannah or amble along scenic trails with our horseback safaris. Connect with nature on a different level as you observe wildlife from horseback. Experienced guides ensure your safety and create an unforgettable equestrian adventure.
African Collage
Rail Journeys
Discover Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures on luxury rail journeys. Travel in style and comfort, immersing yourself in the ever-changing scenery from the comfort of your train cabin.
Reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your spirit on our wellness safaris. These transformative journeys blend the serenity of Africa’s natural landscapes with holistic wellness practices. Enjoy yoga sessions in the bush, soothing spa treatments, and mindfulness activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Nourish your body and soul while surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Africa’s wilderness, creating a harmonious balance between adventure and self-care.
andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Dramatic Landscapes
Explore Africa’s breathtaking natural wonders, from the towering dunes of Namibia’s Namib Desert to the majestic Victoria Falls. Our safaris take you to the most dramatic landscapes, where nature’s grandeur unfolds before your eyes.

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