Co Founder, Director & Safari Guide

Marlon is passionate about what he does and in possession of an unquenchable thirst to explore our natural world. Marlon’s been working within the travel and tourism industry for nearly 20 years. For all these years, he has always had a camera in hand, ever-ready to capture the beautiful moments around him. Thanks to a deep love for nature photography instilled by his dad at a young age, he grew up constantly wanting to be as close as possible to wildlife. Those early experiences shaped him as he now travels the world searching for moments to share with you.

He has made appearances on several award-winning TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The NBC Today Show & also The Martha Stewart Show. His photography & travel experiences have been featured in several international magazines, including National Geographic. Through diverse safari & travel experiences, he gets to expose guests that join him on exclusive safaris in the field as well as a growing online audience, to nature in an authentic manner.

Marlon also proudly represents powerful international brands such as Panerai, Sony Alpha, Swarovski Optik, and more.

“My intention has never been solely for recognition. I wish to use all my resources to positively change our natural world. My photography allows me to introduce people to the incredible natural world around us. It allows me to create positive visual memories that will leave a lasting impact. My wish is to see nature flourish again so that future generations can enjoy the company of lions and of elephants like I have.”

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