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Nick Kleer is not just a wildlife guide, but a passionate advocate for nature, a skilled photographer, and a devoted conservationist. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, Nick’s lifelong love affair with wildlife began in his childhood, forging a deep connection to the natural world that has defined his life’s journey.

For over 14 years, Nick has shared his boundless enthusiasm and expertise with adventurers from across the globe, guiding them through the untamed beauty of our planet. As an expert photographic guide for Tanda Afrika, Nick’s mission is to create more than just photographs; it’s about capturing moments that convey the heart and soul of the wild.

Beyond his exceptional talent behind the lens, Nick is driven by a commitment to conservation. He dedicates 50% of all profits from image sales to support wildlife preservation efforts through various organizations, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to protecting the remarkable creatures and landscapes he holds dear.

Join Nick on a safari with Tanda Afrika, where his profound love for nature, his photography mastery, and his passion for conservation converge to provide you with an unforgettable journey into the heart of the wild.

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