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Colours of Costa Rica



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5 Guests


Cost Rica

Safari date

14 May – 23 May 2024 FULLY BOOKED (Marlon du Toit)

Colours of Costa Rica

If you’ve ever read anything about Costa Rica, then you’ve heard about the stunning array of wildlife that calls this country home. Even today there are mysterious creatures that live undiscovered in the forests of Costa Rica.

Our tour starts from San Jose going to the lowland areas of Costa Rica (Caribbean Side). We will target Toucans, King Vultures, multiple species of Honey Creepers, Parrots, Tanagers, etc. During this tour we will also photograph Bats in Flight using multi-flash setups. On the way of every destination we will have planned some stops for landscape photography, and for tasting the famous coffee as well.

We then visit the Sarapiqui area where Rainforest frogs will be our targets. Red-eye tree frogs, poison dart frogs, glass frogs and other species. We will also find a great variety of birds such as Gray-necked Wood rails, Boat-billed Herons and Owls. We will have opportunity of night shots with bats that are easily found near the lodge and also into the forest. We will have multi-flash setups photographing hummingbirds in flight and around ten different species that frequent the location we will be using.

Our last stop will be the highland area of Talamanca. The Resplendent Quetzal is our main focused on this area. One full day will be spent to explore different locations where these magnificent birds live and nest. We are talking of 3 different species of highland hummingbirds here in Talamanca. We have a chance of using natural light and also high-speed multi flash to capture the hummers.




Arrival - San José

Arrive off your international flight, and be met by private transportation that will take you to the Hotel in San José. Overnight in San José.    


San José to the Lowlands of the Caribbean

San José to the Lowlands of the Caribbean
The lowlands of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica are unique destinations to see these tropical birds. Our day will start with an early breakfast at our hotel, followed by a private transport ride to the lowlands of the Pacific side of Costa Rica. There we will have our first photo session in a two-hour-long boat ride in the Tarcoles River. We will use a private boat to take us on this safari, the boat is big and stable and will allow us to create good photos of Crocodiles, Herons, Kingfishers, Motmots, and other great birds.
After the boat tour, we will depart for the Caribbean side with lunch on the way. Upon our arrival, we will get ready to start shooting and become familiar with the photography conditions of the tropics. Our Biologist guides will be with the group at all times helping you with this.


Lowlands of the Caribbean

To optimize the photo opportunities, we will split the group in two to offer better photo opportunities for everyone.

In the morning part of the group will remain at the lodge shooting for medium and large species of birds. Mid-morning dedicated to the King Vulture hide, and the other half will visit a private garden for a variety of colorful small and medium size birds.

In the afternoon we switch the group’s location to provide equal opportunities for everyone since there is constant birding activity all day at both shooting sites.

By night, half of the group will photograph bats in flight using multi-flash setups.


Lowlands of the Caribbean

Today the group will split in two again.

The group that stayed in the lodge last morning will visit the private garden this morning, and in the afternoon will remain at the lodge shooting for medium and large species of birds, and vice versa with the other half of the group.

At night the other half of the group will photograph bats in flight using multi-flash setups. We will have time to re-take photos that need to be improved.


Lowlands of the Caribbean to Sarapiquí

Early breakfast and we start our drive.

On the way we will have some stops in case of any photo opportunities, we will drive to El Toro Waterfall to save time and do more photos we will drive to this location first, and once there we set up for hummingbird photography with the multi-flash. The place is great as well for landscape photography, it has a huge fall with water coming from a volcano and the Sulphur gives very nice colors to the walls and water making it a great spot for those who love landscape photos.
Lunch will be there are well, and we will arrive to the hotel in the late afternoon. In the Sarapiqui area there are around 10 different species of hummingbirds including the Violet Sabrewing, Rufous tailed, Black bellied, Green Hermit, and other species.



Our morning location is dedicated for macro photo sessions of frogs in their natural habitat, we will drive half hour to this location where we will meet the well-known naturalist, named Cope. There will be many species of frogs with a controlled environment for photography Cope will assist our session during the day. You will see the famous “Red-eyed tree frog” to the little “Glass frogs” whose bodies are transparent. Many species of poison dart frogs will be also available for photography.

Our team will manage to create different sceneries and compositions using the flowers and different elements that we will find at this amazing place.

After lunch (Lunch at Cope’s home) we will spend the afternoon shooting Gray-necked Wood rails, Boat-billed Herons, Owls, and many more birds. These birds will be easy to find and photograph. For the remainder of the day, we will explore the surrounding area looking for the endemic birds.


Sarapiquí to Talamanca

Today we will move to the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica. On the way we can have some stops in case of any photo opportunity. Arrival around lunchtime.

This area has an entirely new variety of species and photo opportunities. Here we will photograph beautiful hummingbirds to the amazing Resplendid Quetzal. After a delicious lunch, we will start shooting hummingbirds in natural light using perched setups.



This early morning we will start the day searching for the famous Resplendid Quetzal. We will come back to the lodge for breakfast and the rest of the morning will be dedicated to Hummingbirds photos and lunch at the lodge.

In the afternoon we will give another round to the amazing Resplendent Quetzal. You can never get too much of this beautiful bird.


Talamanca to San José

This morning there will be our final shots in Costa Rica.

We will have the opportunity to photograph hummingbirds in flight and highland bird photography at Batsu Garden. We will photograph using multi-flash setups and natural light setups.

After lunch, we depart back to San Jose. We will have our last and farewell dinner at the San Jose hotel. Overnight in San Jose.

Please note that if you are able to book a late evening flight back home on this day, there's no need to overnight. We included this evening as an additional so that there's no complications/delays for flights back home.



This is your final day in San José.

If you have a late flight home on this day, we will ensure to book a late checkout on your behalf.

This brings about the end of this amazing experience in Costa Rica.

DAY 10

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