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Rainforests of Borneo



Group size

6 Guests


Borneo, Malaysia

Safari date

31 May - 11 June, 2025 (Marlon du Toit)

Rainforests of borneo

Borneo, where each moment promises wonder and excitement. From the lush, dense rainforests of Sepilok to the enchanting Kinabatangan River, this journey is a photographer’s dream.

Upon our arrival, the serene beauty of the Rainforest awaits, with its majestic canopy walkway offering panoramic views of the treetops, alive with the sounds of exotic birds and wildlife. As night falls, the jungle transforms into a mystical realm where nocturnal creatures come to life, offering an enchanting start to your adventure.

In Sepilok, early mornings are magical, with the sunrise casting a golden glow over the rainforest. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre and the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre offer heartwarming encounters with these incredible creatures in their natural habitats. Imagine capturing the playful antics of orangutans or the curious gaze of sun bears through your lens. Afternoons are spent in tranquil exploration, with each visit revealing new wonders, from the canopy walkways to the quiet trails that invite us to immerse in the natural beauty.

The Kinabatangan River, winding through untouched rainforest, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Dawn birdwatching walks reveal a symphony of chirping birds, while serene river cruises bring you face-to-face with proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, and colorful hornbills. As we drift along the river, the sheer diversity of wildlife in their pristine habitat is awe-inspiring. The journey to Gomantong Caves is a venture into the extraordinary, where the evening bat exodus against the dusky sky creates an unforgettable spectacle.

In Tabin Wildlife Reserve, the lush greenery and vibrant life forms are captivating. Trekking to the Lipad mud volcano, we’ll find a landscape marked by wildlife footprints, hinting at the secret lives of Borneo’s creatures. The night safaris are thrilling, with the chance to spot elusive animals under the starry skies. Early morning walks reveal a world of vibrant birds and the melodic calls of gibbons, making every step an adventure.

The enchanting Danum Valley is a sanctuary of ancient rainforests and pristine rivers. Guided treks lead us to breathtaking viewpoints and serene natural pools, perfect for a refreshing dip. The calls of Borneo Gibbons create a serene soundtrack to your explorations, while the dense foliage hides countless species waiting to be discovered.

Our journey will end in Kota Kinabalu. Each day in Borneo is a new chapter in a story of adventure, discovery, and unparalleled natural beauty, leaving you with lasting memories and stunning photographs of this extraordinary land.

We can’t wait to host you in Borneo.


Arrival - Sandakan and transfer to Sepilok

Welcome to Borneo! The trip begins in Sandakan Airport.

Upon landing in Sandakan Airport, there will be a friendly representative that will be there to greet you and transfer you to Sepilok Nature Lodge. Once at the lodge we will enjoy lunch together and discuss the exciting adventure that awaits.

In the late afternoon, we will visit the Rainforest Discovery Centre for an afternoon exploration of the canopy walkway and the surrounding forests. We will continue on with a night walk to explore the jungle at night and for the chance at seeing nocturnal creatures. We will then return to the lodge for a delightful and welcomed dinner.



In the early morning, our focus will be on capturing the sunrise at the Rainforest Discovery Centre, perfect for early morning photography.

After breakfast, we will head to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre for a private tour of the facility with Dr Wong, the Founder of the center. The center rescues captured sun bears and is involved in sun bear conservation, welfare rehabilitation and education. Over 30 sun bears live at the center in the bear house and outdoor enclosures.

We will then make our way next door to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. We'll be able to observe them at their feeding stations in the rainforest and see a video presentation on the Orangutan’s rehabilitation program before returning to the lodge for lunch and to enjoy some downtime in the heat of the day.

After our siesta, we will return to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center for the afternoon feeding. This will be followed by a visit to the Rainforest Discovery Center for an afternoon exploration of the canopy walkway and the surrounding forests. In the evening we will enjoy another night walk to explore the jungle for the chance of seeing nocturnal creatures before returning back to the lodge for dinner.


Sepilok to Kinabatangan River

Today will begin with a dawn birdwatching walk at the Rainforest Discovery Centre, then return to the lodge for breakfast. After checking out we will embark on a 2.5 hour drive to Lepit Jetty, Sukau.

We'll take a short boat transfer to Borneo Nature Lodge in time for lunch. We'll have time to relax before embarking on an afternoon river cruise along Sabah's longest river, Kinabatangan with the opportunity to view wildlife and birds in its virgin rainforest habitat. Back at the lodge we will enjoy dinner before heading out on a night cruise in search of nocturnal species.


Kinabatangan River

The days will start early with the gentle calls of birds, insects, and animals, signaling the start of our morning adventure. We will board a cruise up the Kinabatangan River to Kelenanap Ox-Bow Lake for bird watching and searching for other wildlife.

Next, you can opt for a short jungle walk, weather permitting, to experience the wilderness of Borneo before returning to the lodge for breakfast and a restful break.

On our second day here, we will take a short boat ride and an overland transfer to Gomantong Caves. We'll spend the afternoon walking in the reserve and visiting the bat cave. At dusk, we will witness the incredible bat exodus, where over a million bats emerge from the cave to feed. We will return to the lodge for a cozy dinner.

DAY 4 & 5

Kinabatangan River to Tabin

After breakfast, we will take a 15-minute boat ride to Lepit Jetty, followed by a two-hour overland transfer to Lahad Datu. Once registered at Tabin’s office near the airport arrival hall, we will embark on a 1.5 hour journey to Tabin Wildlife Reserve. We will check in, settle and have lunch. You will have some time to explore the surrounding areas, including the Lipad River area, which is home to a diverse array of birds, insects, and small mammals. Discover the rich variety of jungle herbs, some of which have been used for generations by local communities to treat various ailments.

In the afternoon, we will trek from the Elephant Trail to the active Lipad Mud Volcano, a mineral salt lick frequented by wildlife and birds. The mud allows us to try and identify the numerous animal footprints in the area.

After dinner, we will go on a night safari in search of more wildlife.



Today we will wake up early for a morning walk to discover some of Tabin's rich collection of nearly 300 bird species and to search for the family of gibbons that live around the lodge. After breakfast, we'll drive to the core area to look for more wildlife before returning to the lodge for lunch.

In the evening, we'll take a dusk drive to spot nocturnal wildlife and birds as they come out to search for food.


Tabin to Danum Valley

After check-out we will head back to Lahad Datu. Once we register at the BRL Lounge in Lahad Datu, we will transfer to the lodge in Danum Valley, which will take approximately 2.5 hours by road.

We will check in, relax and enjoy a well deserved lunch at Borneo Rainforest Lodge. We will have time to explore the Borneo rainforest and the trails surrounding the lodge. After dinner, we will go on a guided night safari drive to spot nocturnal creatures.


Danum Valley

Wake up to the enchanting calls of Borneo Gibbons and begin our first day in Danum Valley with a trek to the stunning viewpoint and historical burial site, Coffin Cliff. Here, we can relax by the natural pool and take a refreshing dip before heading back to the lodge for a well deserved lunch.

We will have the afternoon and evening to explore more of the rainforest and work on finding more enchanting species.

The next day, we will once again have an early start and head for a morning walk before breakfast. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy at leisure, or if you’re feeling energetic, hike along the scenic Segama River.

DAY 9 & 10

Danum Valley to Kota Kinabalu

Today is our last morning in Danum Valley. We will check out and transfer to Lahad Datu airport, a journey of approximately 2.5 hours. We will arrive in time to check into our flight to Kota Kinabalu.

Once landed, we will be transferred to our hotel, Hyatt Centric. We will enjoy a farewell dinner together before parting ways the next day.

DAY 11

Departure from Kota Kinabalu

After breakfast, enjoy some leisure time before checking out. Then, meet with the driver for your transfer to Kota Kinabalu airport for your onward journey home.

DAY 12

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